The project “Promotion and development of natural and cultural heritage of Bulgarian- Greek cross border region through smart and digital tools” with acronym eTOURIST has been approved and  subsided in terms of the Cooperation Programme  Interreg V-A Greece Bulgaria 2014-2020 with total budget 334.467,00€.

Lead beneficiary of this project is the Regional Municipalities Association “Maritza” while the rest of the beneficiaries are Dimosineteristiki Evros S.A, Ethnological Museum of Thrace- Aggeliki Giannakidou and the Active Citizens Partnership.

The main aims that were set up through this project are:

  1. Localization and Evaluation of the cultural and natural spots and their elevation in combination with the traditional gastronomy and  wine in the area of Haskovo and Evros
  2. To get to know the visitors the cultural and natural heritage of this cross-border area through the use of  technology
  3. Registration of all the data related with the local traditional gastronomy and wine of this cross-border area of Evros-Haskovo
  4. Evaluation of these areas as a  touristic destination

The main actions that were materialized through this project are:

  • Integrated methodology for cultural and natural sites, monuments, which also includes the traditional culinary and wine in Evros and Haskovo region
  • Study of natural and cultural heritage sites in Evros and Haskovo region and evaluation of their importance for the targeted CB region
  • Study of traditional culinary & wine in Evros and Haskovo region to present traditional cuisine & recipes, herbs & spices, traditional food products, traditional culinary events, history of winemaking, characteristics of wine region, unique wine varieties for the region, wine tasting opportunities
  • Digitalization of cultural and natural sites and creation of 360 photos and videos for the touristic sites in the cross-border area
  • Digitalization of traditional culinary & wine and creation of videos for local gastronomy and wine for Evros and Haskovo region
  • Publication of leaflets for the presentation of the project and publicity in local media
  • eTOURIST application development for mobile devices (smartphone, iPad) which provides tourists with detailed information on the cultural, natural, culinary and wine destinations of the targeted cross-border region
  • Development of an interactive digital portal “Cultural and natural heritage of Haskovo-Evros“ which presents objects of natural and cultural heritage, culinary temptations and wine from the regions of Haskovo and region in an innovative and attractive way
  • Participation in International tourist exhibition in Sofia, Bulgaria
  • Trainings in Haskovo and in Evros on the topic “Traditional culinary and wines”
  • Festivals in Haskovo and in Alexandroupolis on the topic: “Traditional culinary and wines of Haskovo-Evros”
  • Scientific conference in Haskovo for the project

The project will contribute to valorization of cultural & natural heritage, traditional culinary & wine in Haskovo-Evros regions for tourist purposes through the implementing  activities that support better interpretation of natural & cultural heritage, culinary & wine traditions through ICT application & tools (developed eTOURIST package). The project will contribute to increasing the interest of tourists to the supported sites of cultural & natural heritage in the target CB area through the promotion campaign & through the participation in international tourist exhibition which will bring the new solutions developed on the project to professionals in tourism sector & also to the wide public. The project will contribute to developing cultural & natural heritage sites in the target CB area by assessing the cultural & natural heritage sites which are important for the regions & by addressing the support to them.